We all know there are many aspects of marketing and branding of a real estate related business, but how many of the other agencies can put them together in a way that brings the UNITY and SUCCESS to your SALES?

" Phuket Property Market has been our main focus since 2016. "


if everybody knows how to do the marketing and branding of their REAL ESTATE business, how come that the sales volumes, between companies with the same level of value offer, are huge?



And that's exactly what we are offering you! We know, how the Real Estate Market had shaped over the years in Phuket. We evaluated the wins and loses of the other companies and have found the pattern that is not visible. Let us tell you what your business has been missing.

BU process for REAL ESTATE businesses

You are the hero of your business! we keep your vision of future in the center of your MARKETING AND BRANDING STRATEGY

we evaluate your current state of branding materials and business

we listen your future plans and your ideal target client for your brand

we find the way to steer your business to your vision

we present our plan to you and get your feedback about your budget and timeline.

we execute the plan.

Here are THE SERVICES that everybody in PHUKET needs

please note that you might not need all the services below. However, it is better for you to have a look at what we can do and maybe, you might see the critical thing that you business is missing since the day one...



Did you know that there are hundreds of competitors of yours out there in Phuket? The easiest way is to get your branded email that looks professional for your international clients. THEY PAY ATTENTION TO THAT.


 YOU NEED TO UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE, it is the single most useful material for your REAL ESTATE business. Website can make your units easy to share with your clients and give great analytic feedbacks about what your customers likes or not.



FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TIKTOK, LINKEDIN are the biggest search engines of today. GOOGLE is not the place to fight for client's attention anymore! Websites are one thing, that you can use as a presentation material, information storage or even customer registration but Social Media is the place that you hunt the clients.
  • Facebook Business Page Creation and Optimization

  • Instagram Account Creation and Business Optimization

  • Linkedin Company Profile Creation and Optimization

  • Google Maps Listing and Optimization

  • Connecting Facebook and Instagram Business Accounts

  • Instagram and Facebook Advertising Account Creation


CHINESE Social Media Accounts Creation

WeChat - Weibo - Youku

We started our journey in the business in China many years ago! As, BU Brand Strategist, we can easily claim to be the most knowledgeable AGENCY in Phuket about CHINESE Social Network and Marketing Strategies.


Your target client segment is living in China? We can help you!

  • WeChat

    Chinese Facebook

  • Sina Weibo

    Twitter of China

  • Tencent QQ

    Popular Instant Messaging App

  • Tencent Video

    The King of Online Video in China

  • Zhihu

    The Quora of China

  • Meituan – Dianping

    The Chinese Versions of Yelp

Drone Video and Photo Production


Presentation is the KEY

Do you think you are presenting your estate with its LOCATION feature properly? The investor and new buyer which are over 50% of the buyers in Phuket have no idea about the location names. Yet alone whats coming up in the near future in that area and whats actually near to your estate. We can help you to leave the guessing game and present your project with world-class presentation techniques!
  • Basic Drone Photo Shootings

    This is the easiest, fastest and simplest way to show your people around your property.

  • Regular Construction Update Shootings

    This is our best selling product for the Property Developers in Phuket.

  • Location Presentation Videos

    The videos that are edited to show nearby attractions and the important locations to your estate upon your request.

  • 360 Virtual Aerial Tour of The Location of the Estate

    There is no need to send bunch of images and files of information anymore, we can put all of them in one place in an interactive way!

  • 360 Virtual Tour Implementation

    We give your Virtual Tour another perception that was not possible before!

3D Virtual Tour


Your ALL-in-ONE sales kit!

Let us talk about the most intimidating product of all, THE 3D VIRTUAL TOURS! We want to break a myth here, they are actually not expensive. Especially comparing with the design items such as Brochures and Flyers, they are very affordable and incredibly useful. Think about a sales kit, that present everything about your Real Estate in one link. ONE LINK that tracks the visitors, day-by-day location-by-location to give you a better insights about your clients. We can make this a reality for you for an incredible price.
  • Interactive 3D Walk Through Tour

  • Integrated Photos / Videos

  • Description Hotspots

  • Drone Images

  • Floor Plans

  • Price Information / Price List

  • Google Maps Location

  • Your Contact Information


Social Media Advertising

Now that you know, the power of Social Media, it is time to introduce you the cheapest way of reaching our your potential buyers. Our new targeting techniques specifically designed for putting REAL ESTATE listings to in front of the WEALTHY and INTERESTED buyers.


You wanted to be on the top of the Google Search Pages but you haven't heard how hard it is. Google PPC is utilized for the business just like yours who wants to reach to the buyers but doesn't have time to built up a huge website and wait for the algorithm to favor it. PPC by Google is what you have been waiting for. We can get the best out of your time and money with our targeting techniques on Google.


Graphic and Print Materials Design

  • Business Card

  • Sign Board Design

  • Brochure and Flyer Design

  • Price List Design

  • QR Code Generation

  • Booklet Design

  • Billboard Design

  • Poster Design

  • Banner Design

  • Staff Clothing Design

We brand the with the years of experience...